TrendyBuzz, e-reputation in realtime

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“The corpus of TrendyBuzz, Trendy Panel, is composed of 4 500 000 heterogeneous active sources (from news sites, e-communities, social networks, comments, institutions…). Each day 15 000 new sources are added to the corpus and create a vast web crawling network. TrendyBuzz’s proprietary technology enables the indexation of two thirds of those sources in complete autonomy every hour.”

Free Mobile: Bugs continue to feed online discussions

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TrendyBuzz analysed online discussions around Free Mobile. After a few weeks of ecstatic remarks, most comments online turned negative, and remain so today.

Mid-january, Free generated quite a buzz with its dramatic entrance into the field of mobile telephony. “The day of the announcement, 10% of the overall messages published on the French-speaking was dedicated to Free Mobile (blog posts, articles, forum discussions, or Facebook comments). 90% of them were positive in tone,“ highlights Fabien Grenier, managing director of TrendyBuzz Institute; an outstanding performance.

TrendyBuzz Institute and Liberation launch Politivox

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TrendyBuzz, Pureplayer Institute launched in partnership with Libération l’observatoire de l’actualité politique (the Observatory for Political News), whose objective is to measure, in real-time, citizens’ spontaneous interest in politicians or current affairs on the internet.

TrendyBuzz technology constantly scans over 1 400 000 sources (institutional websites, news sites, blogs, forums, social networks) to measure the IVU (Internet Visibility Units) generated by politicians or by the most debated topics on the internet.

«Politivox is for us a chance to make public a scientific tool via an easy-to-use, appealing dashboard» summarizes Ludovic Blecher, Director of Liberation digital editions. is updated 24/7. Dynamic charts are visualised through interactive curves and a click on «Le match» module will outline the politicians’ communications strategies with regard to current affairs. The aim is to measure, in just a click, how political parties cleave on key issues for the 2012 presidential campaign (e.g. unemployment, security, purchasing power, the « golden rule » …)

« Throughout the campaign, Politivox will be a mean for us to challenge and check the extent to which the themes put forward by the candidates find an echo on the web » says Ludovic Blecher.

TrendyBuzz Institute will publish weekly syntheses on its blog, measuring the discrepancies between journalists’ editorial choices and the citizens’ interests.

About TrendyBuzz Institute

PurePlayer, real-time Reputation management and influence mapping specialist, on the international web, Trendy Buzz SAS is an innovative company that blends real-time information tracking and the creation of dynamic dashboards dedicated to measuring and analyzing performance for web marketing and digital communication purposes.
Trendy Buzz SAS, an independent French company, now has dozens of customers in France and in Europe, including: Adidas, Sennheiser, Lagardère Active, Nestlé or L’Oréal.

Press Contact
TRENDY BUZZ SAS : Fabien Grenier – – +33(0)1 83 64 03 76

Manage your eReputation: an analysis by

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Sibylle Lhopiteau dedicated a series of articles to the dos and don’ts of eReputation management – a highly detailed piece of writing, based on the assumption that any internet user may equally be a potential customer or a powerful detractor. The article, published on January 15th 2010 mentions TrendyBuzz, Attention-Rate and WASALive.

Although reputation has always been, to some extent, part of any corporation’s strategic decision, the increasing importance of the social web has made companies’ eReputation (and its management) a core element of their strategy.

We highly recommend that the article (in French) be added to your reading list.


End of the year reading list: « Internet a tout changé ».

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We highly recommend that you read « Internet a tout changé », by Henri Kaufman, Laurence Faguer and Mickael Guillois (foreword by Brice Auckenthaler) to ease happily into 2010.

300 pages dedicated to the new behaviours and trends so familiar to those who are passionate about digital relationships, in consultancies or companies, that now rule marketing, R&D, sales, PR or CRM practices.

You will find TrendyBuzz and WASALive (international online trends in real time) mentioned on page 108, as professional tools for buzz monitoring. While TrendyBuzz has been designed for maketing and communication specialists, WASALive is a free tool available to anyone online.

Order yours online on Boutique Kawa.